Thursday, January 5, 2017

A New Year A New Start

 This year is a new start for me.  I am starting to feel more like myself, excited about the year and what it has in store for me and my family.    The last 2 years have been tough ones for me.  I lost a family member to a long illness.  It took a long time to get back my creative flow without feeling depressed.  I always thought I knew what depression was till I went through a period of grief. It has only been a month since I felt like I have my creative energy back.

  I decided to do a few online art courses to get me back into the creative flow again.  It is a course by Donna Downey, called Inspirational Wednesday (IW2017).  It is a weekly inspirational art journaling course.  Each week there are video's showing you a new technique.  As Donna is in the USA, I don't have all the supplies for each week, but I am sure I can substitute some of the supplies I have for the ones Donna uses.  My goal for the IW2017 course is to learn new techniques that I can use in my own art. 

  I started out the week before IW2017 making my own art journal.  The journal Donna uses is made of cloth.  I bought the online video that teaches you how to make your own.  I didn't want to buy new fabric, as I have a lot of scrap pieces from when I use to do a lot of sewing.  So, I found an old skirt that was my favorite.  I decided to use the waist band and the zip of the skirt as inspiration for a skirt shaped journal cover.  I think it looks so cute!.  Not very square but the zip allowed me to create a pocket for my clips.  The back area of the journal I folded over for an internal pocket for pencils and brushes.   

I love the stencil I used.  It certainly fits in with a Uni course I am doing on "Creativity and Aging".  I love the quote by Enstien, "Imagination is more important than Knowledge".  (The stencil is a Donna Downey stencil I bought when I went to her studio in Statesville, NC. )  It is so true, that you need imagination more than knowledge.  Without imagination, I am not sure that Enstein would have been able to discover the theory of relativity. 

  Much of what I have done in my career and in my business has inspired my art.    This year, I hope to blog about all the places I have been, and how they inspire me in my art. 

Until next time, 
Happy Blogging
Tracy aka Warratahstree

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