Friday, February 27, 2015

Breaking the Writers Block

  I have to admit now that I have had a year long writers block!  When I started blogging, it was so much fun and the words flowed so easily.  Last year, 2014, I would start drafts of blogs and never finished them.  Today I came up with a theory on how to break that writers block.

  It all started when I was talking to a business acquaintance about an article he wrote about Ideas.(Have-you-got-great-idea By Matthew Farmer).  As I read Matthew's comments about an "Ideas" book and how to use those "Ideas" in your business, I thought about how much I missed writing in my blog posts each week.  I spoke to Matthew about having a writers block and that when I was in University I use to have a special outfit I wore when I studied.  That got me thinking that maybe I should apply that same theory to my blog writing and painting.  Well, that started both of us talking about having a special outfit to help set the mood for writing.
  It was a very interesting conversation. My special outfit of tracksuit pants and a very large baggy shirt were only worn when I had to study for exams and writing assignments during my university days. It helped set the mood for focusing on my studies.  Matthew said he has a favourite hat to wear when he writes.
  All this talk of having a "writing" outfit to set the mood for writing got me feeling confident that I can start writing again.  Well at least it was a great subject for writing this blog post.   I have to find that special comfy outfit that only comes out at writing/creativity time.   It always set the creative mood in the past and I know it will again.   One problem, that outfit is LONG gone. I have to find new tracksuit pants and a big baggy shirt....or maybe a hat....maybe I'll stick with the comfort of tracksuit pants and a baggy shirt.

   How about you?  Do you have something special that sets the mood for your blog writing or creative process?


  1. Hi Tracy!
    Love this post about writer's block and especially how to overcome it by wearing "writing clothes". I believe we have all had it once in a while when you just don't seem able to write a single word, or whatever you write doesn't sound good or enticing or is you. I overcome it simply by having to write on numerous of topics. I have a notebook in which I scribble down ideas of topics, tutorials, ideas, projects I like to try - of course all related to arts and crafts and rarely something out of that zone, but that helps me a lot. So I just flip through it and inspiration comes instantly. If I can't or won't talk crochet, I turn to a paper or a sewing project. And the ball rolls :)

    1. That is a great idea to have a notebook to write down ideas. Thanks for visiting and commenting