Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why The World Would End Without Art Communities

  Thanks to my husband's constant encouragement, we happened upon a new exciting project in, Yackandandah, Victoria.  We went there by accident,  in April 2014,  while on one of our many trips exploring the Alpine area.  Yackandandah, Victoria is an arts paradise with cozy cafe's, Art Gallery's, Antique shops and a main street with vintage style architecture.


  While having a coffee in one of the cafe's in Yackandandah ,Victoria, my husband saw a flyer advertising the Yack Station creative space.  Yack Station is just on the edge of Yakandanda.  It is a work and gallery space for Artists and Craftspersons.    Yack Station Website  As I am frequently looking for creative spaces, I thought I would have a look at this space and artists are always keen to have you admire and maybe purchase their work.  So, we went for a visit to the Yack Station.   
Original "Yackandandah" rail sign. The sign was last known to belong to Jack McLean of Melbourne.

   The Yack station has a very large gallery space for the art exhibitions.  The "Salon des Refus├ęs"" exhibition in April was of nudes that were "rejected" by the Ballenga Exhibition.  Rejected?  Really?  Well, what a fantastic way to get a chance to exhibit your work!  The story is, there were over 6000 entries in the Ballenga Exhibition and very few places to fill.  So, one of the artists who's entry was "rejected" decided to hold an exhibition of the pieces that did not get into the Ballenga Exhibition. There were some really nice pieces on exhibit that were "rejected" by the Ballenga Exhibition.

   I was really impressed with how the artists in residence were interspersed with the historical items of the old Yack station.  I hope to get back to visit again.  Maybe one day I will be able to also be a part of a community of artists like Yack station.  I had a great time talking to them about their work and the vision for the Yack station Artist space.
   This weekend is the Queen's Birthday weekend.  Why not go for a visit to have a look at the latest exhibition there.   You never know what will be on exhibit next time at the Yack station.   Check out the latest exhibition on their Facebook