Friday, July 26, 2013

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney and Mountain Goats

  Hmm, there is something I am suppose to remember....Oh well
  This week I used up some of my husband's frequent flyer points to take a trip to Sydney with him. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have started a new adventure teaching Social ArtWorking Classes. The Australian Distributor for the Social ArtWorking products is located in Sydney. I mentioned to them that I could come and demonstrate just how easy it is to teach and do the painting classes.

 We arrived on Sunday morning and my demonstration was not till Tues. So, I had few days to have a wander around Sydney. Sunday we went to the Aroma Festival. I thought it was a brilliant idea to have food and my favorite liquid, coffee while enjoying the atmosphere at the Rocks, Sydney. There were way to many people for my liking. The lines were extra long, and getting food was an excercise in 'How to deal with Crowds'.

 We decided it was easier to visit the Museum of Modern Art and have a coffee there where it would be much more relaxing. After spending 20 minutes getting food from a food stall, the Museum of Modern Art Cafe was much more relaxing. We could watch the crowd from our nice quiet seats in the cafe. What a view of Circular Quay.!

 While at the Aroma Festival we passed by a famous Australian Artist's gallery Ken Done. Ken Done has been a favorite artist of mine since I moved to Australia. The first time I saw his paintings I secretly wished I could learn to paint like that.

  After a long day flying to Sydney and walking around the Rocks, Sydney, it was back to our hotel. Have you ever been to San Francisco? If you have ever been to San Francisco, or your familiar with the North Sydney area you will know why I mentioned mountain goats in my title. After walking 10km around the area of the Rocks Sydney, we had a HUGE hill to walk up to our hotel in Lavendar Bay area of North Sydney. Think of the scene in any movie set in San Francisco with the trolley cars coming up that great hill...
Picture from

Only we could not just hop on a trolley car. What a view we had from the Hotel room at the top of that hill where our hotel was!!

  Monday was no different to Sunday. I wanted to go down to where the Sydney Harbour Bridge was and take photos to paint or draw. The idea was to find a spot and sit and draw. It was nearly 3pm by the time I realised I had walked 10km around the Lavendar Bay, and Kirribilli area of Sydney.  (This included the 3km walk to and from breakfast)


It was only because my camera batteries went flat and my stomach was growling that I stopped. .....I STILL had that HILL to climb to get back to the hotel. LOL Our Hotel was at the top of a hill that could not be avoided! 

 After the long day walking, taking photos and enjoying the sights, it was off to dinner.....You guessed it.... more HILLS ROFL.  I was getting good at being a mountain goat.  At the end of the night I looked at my ipod to see how many steps/km I had done....It said I had done over 12km!  


Tuesday, Each day I walked to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tuesday, I walked with my husband to the office he was working in. Up hill and down hill, then back to the hotel after breakfast. I had already walked 3km. I had a demonstration to do in Banksmeadow, NSW that day. This was the reason I came to Sydney with my husband. At least the walk to the buses from the train station was only a few metres :>). I had such a good time demonstrating how easy and fun Social ArtWorking is. I demonstrated the Pear Trio pattern to the Distributor for the Social ArtWorking products here in Australia.

On our way back to the hotel room, I was joking about how I felt like a mountain goat climbing all the hills in the area while we were in the elevator. When I heard a familiar accent.  A couple in the elevator said "We are from San Francisco, and we're use to all the hills". LOL

  Before we went to sleep, I checked my ipod again to see how much walking up and down hills I had done that day.  Whew, only 8km.  Still getting up the hill to the hotel that night it felt like a mountain!  I counted that day, I had gone up the hill to our hotel 3 times just in that one day.  My feet were starting to get sore and my legs were a little stiff from all the walking.

Wednesday, Ok last day in Sydney. I hop out of bed only to find my calves ached, my legs felt like they were going to collapse. Hmm, good thing it is the last day.. My first thought was, I have fibromyalgia and all I have to do is walk around a bit and the stiffness with go away.....I walked to breakfast as usual. This time it was closer :>). Getting back to the hotel was down hill but still a struggle... I know my limits and my limit for mountain climbing was over. I spent my last day working on my flyers and blog posts for the week at my husband's office. It was a nice relaxing day with no hills to navigate. I was going to miss Sydney but not the boot camp training in how to be a Mountain Goat. :>) 

Cruise Ship Leaving Sydney Harbour

So...What was I suppose to remember....Oh yes I remember now... "P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney"

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Venture - Social Art Working Art Party


I have finally found a way to start doing what has been a dream of mine since 2012.  I have started teaching Social Art Working classes.

You come along to an art class that is a social activity and party with friends, family, co-workers or come meet new friends.  Even if all you can do /can't do is paint stick figures you can create a beautiful piece of art work.  The idea is to have fun!
  All the art supplies are supplied.  All you have to do is bring your friend's/family and refreshments.   Oh and make sure you have some fun!!  I said that already right ;)

  When I last visited my family in the USA.  My sister suggested we all go to an Art Party located near where my family live.  All the women in the family except my great-niece went. Have a look at how different each painting is.... Only two of us have any past experience at painting and yet we all came home with a lovely piece of art.

The first night was so much fun we all went again the next night!!

We are EXCITED...Let's get started!

Aren't sisters soooo lovely.

  Thought I might share how different each painting is...
I was unable to take my painting back to Australia. I did not have room to fit it into my suitcase....Wonder where it is???  Paula???
My sister
My painting
What an amazing interpretation of the original

 This was my nephew's wife, Megan's FIRST ever painting.  What a great job she did.  I found it so interesting that everyone's paintings were so different and yet they still looked lovely.
Megan's FIRST ever painting!

If you Would like more details about a Classes check out my Social Art Working Page. To book a class or if you would like to keep up with the lastest classes I have booked at various venues  Subscribe Here

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