Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Markets getting that Sale and More

Many of you have read my blog posts on markets. This week I thought I might share a few things I have learn about selling at Markets.
I joined a group through the Monash Arts Network. Monash council here in Melbourne, VIC put on 6 workshops over the last few months. Each of these workshops were set up to help artists in the area develop and sell their art.

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This week's discussion was about 'Marketing Beyond the Market Day'. The take away from the workshop was it is not about your product that attracts customers.....It is about the experience. What sells your product is you and the experience you give your potential customers

I go to a market at least once every 2 weeks. I must admit what makes it so exciting about going to all the markets is the experience . The markets and stall holders that stand out the most are the ones that offer more than just a buying experience. I never really thought about it until after I went to the work shop this week. 

When I have sold something on my Etsy Store or Ebay I send a mini Thank You card that I have hand made.

I thought I might tell you about my experience at one market I went to last month. Last month I went to The Handmade Show . I had a great time at The Handmade Show This market has some wonderful friendly stall holders that offer handmade items for sale. The experience they offer is the lovely food stall, Cafe, and the amazing entertainment.
  It was a great atmosphere of listening to Frank from Frank Lee Darling while having a coffee from the cafe and a Cake from HeartsoulDesserts

Have you been to a market or bought something from a seller that gave you that extra experience that made buying a great fun experience?

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