Friday, June 28, 2013

Karing Card Club in Australia

I thought I would share a few cards I have made and recieved in Stampin Up! exchanges as a part of introducing Karing Card Club for bloggers in Australia.
 I have been asked to help co-host the Karing Card Club for Australia.  Karing Card club was created by Kendra at Kreative Creationz. The Karing Card Club is meant to encourage one another through the exchange of a card via snail mail. What a great way to encourage one another by sending a card of encouragement to a fellow blogger.

A Card I received in a card exchange with other Stampin Up! deomonstrators

  If your a non-blogger and would like to be a part all you need is a Flickr or Instagram account.

  If you want  be a part of the Karing Card Club Here are the details:

  • Each month Karing Card Club creates a sign-up form to fill out. From this form we will pair up people to send either store bought cards or hand made cards to one another.
  • Each month there is a monthly theme.  The card or greeting should follow the theme for the month.

Theme for July is Beauty

A Card I made at a crop night many months ago
One of my recent creations.  The BG is all hand stamped!

  Go to the sign up form here to sign up for the July Card Exchange.  You need to sign up NO LATER than 19th July to participate in the July Card Exchange.
  Look for an email by 20 July. This email will have all the details of your Karing Card exchange partner.
  Purchase your card and mail it as soon as possible, so that we can all share our card and theme on the Karing Card Club blog.
  On the First Saturday of each month write about what the theme means to you and you show off the cards you send and the cards you received at the linky  party.  You can find the linky party and more information on the Karing Card Club.  I hope you can join us.

Happy Blogging;
Tracy @ Warratahstree

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Markets getting that Sale and More

Many of you have read my blog posts on markets. This week I thought I might share a few things I have learn about selling at Markets.
I joined a group through the Monash Arts Network. Monash council here in Melbourne, VIC put on 6 workshops over the last few months. Each of these workshops were set up to help artists in the area develop and sell their art.

<Place images of market pins here>
This week's discussion was about 'Marketing Beyond the Market Day'. The take away from the workshop was it is not about your product that attracts customers.....It is about the experience. What sells your product is you and the experience you give your potential customers

I go to a market at least once every 2 weeks. I must admit what makes it so exciting about going to all the markets is the experience . The markets and stall holders that stand out the most are the ones that offer more than just a buying experience. I never really thought about it until after I went to the work shop this week. 

When I have sold something on my Etsy Store or Ebay I send a mini Thank You card that I have hand made.

I thought I might tell you about my experience at one market I went to last month. Last month I went to The Handmade Show . I had a great time at The Handmade Show This market has some wonderful friendly stall holders that offer handmade items for sale. The experience they offer is the lovely food stall, Cafe, and the amazing entertainment.
  It was a great atmosphere of listening to Frank from Frank Lee Darling while having a coffee from the cafe and a Cake from HeartsoulDesserts

Have you been to a market or bought something from a seller that gave you that extra experience that made buying a great fun experience?

Happy Blogging
Tracy @ Warratahstree

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wow a New Item warratahstree

5.00 AUD, by warratahstree via Etsy

Wow a New Item warratahstree

5.00 AUD, by warratahstree via Etsy

Friday, June 7, 2013

UFO's How many do you have lurking in your cupboards?

 In a previous post I mentioned I had a few UFO's  (un finished objects) and someone  commented about  their UFO's.  I thought it might be a bit of fun to find out how many of us have UFO's lurking in our closets, garages, kitchen tables Yes, there are some of us who have spread out to every spare space of our houses! hehe...  

  Until this year, when I started making wedding invitations for my son and his fiance', I have managed to keep most of my UFO's hidden from the DH (Dear Hubby).  Well, ALMOST. 
  We are like 2 migratory birds that flit from one place to another. So, we move every few years.  Most often due to either my work commitments or DH's.  EVERY time we move I get sprung with my UFO's big time!!! On moving day or when we are unpacking the "Craft room" boxes multiply like tribbles! (Only a Trekky would know what a Tribble is lol). Every time one of those "tribbles" appears my DH grumbles under his breath...."More UFO's".  After many hours of back breaking work the inevitable comment comes out of DH mouth .... "Just how many UFO's do you have, you seem to have more every we move (insert exasperation!)"

  My current former UFO is a place mat I want to paint with a Vintage style floral image in the center.  I want to sell this at the markets. Vintage and vintage looking items seem to be all the rage, so hopefully this will be a hit at the markets.  I have a bit more work to do on it.  Hoping I get time this weekend.  I have an Ebay class I am teaching on Tues. and I need to prepare the notes for it before I can have a play and finish this piece.

  So, what UFO's do you have lurking around?  Have you finished any UFO's lately??