Friday, May 10, 2013

Over 2000 visits since 23 Feb, 2013. Thank you to all those who have visited my Blog.

After a very busy day, I came home to check my blog for comments and I was so surprised to see I have over 2000 visits to my blog since my first post in 23 Feb, 2013.  Thank you to all who visit and comment. I love all your comments and like to make sure I comment back.
  I was very new to blogging when I started this blog. I have been and IT geek for over 12 years and have been a social media geek since ICQ, online forums and AOL, Yahoo groups and chats. I like the social interaction and the ability to keep up with high school friends and family in the USA.

 Blogging was not on my geek radar till I decided to start my own handmade business in Sept 2012.
 Though I have built websites in the days when they were all build the long and hard way before and blogger, blogging was not something I thought was worth spending my "art and craft time" doing, haha.  You have all finally converted me to talking about my art and all my travels.
   I started out blogging to get more traffic to my Etsy shop and ended up finding some really amazing bloggers and learning a lot about social media and blogging at the same time.

  Before, this past year, I saw blogging as just a way to journal your personal life, I would rather keep my random thoughts in my journals.
  It is hard to believe but before Facebook, Blogger, and twitter, there were such things as Yahoo groups, online forums and ICQ (I will let you google that one!).  Oh, and of coarse the old online bulletin boards.  That is how some of us who have been geeks before 1990's collaborated.

 I spent 6 years really missing my forum buddies and online chat buddies after Facebook launched, and now I have found blogging is another way to find friends and share ideas.  You all have lovely blogs and things to share with the World Wide Web.  It is really great to meet you all.  I have enjoyed the blog hops and the Link parties.  Thank you all for the lovely comments on my work!
  Here's to many more blog posts and online friends. 

Happy Blogging;
Tracy @ Warratahstree
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  1. That's a lot of views for having only just started in February!!! It took me 3 months just to get 1000 views when I first started!!! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you. I am still amazed that I have reached this goal so quickly. Hope I can keep the momentum going.